Tuesday, March 7, 2017

WELLL -- Where Have We Been?

It's almost Spring ... that is if you consider turning the air conditioning on in the afternoon and then the furnace on in the evening, then it's Spring!

We've been silent for a while.  Sandy went to Colorado for Christmas -- meaning two time zones away from what she's used to, and then two time zones back. Boy was she a  goof case for a while.  We stayed safely IN our time zone but it seems each year it wears me out a little bit more!

And now we are working on our shops like crazy ... Sandy has Hugs and Holidays, I have annswhimsey, and we both now have Craft Stuff Depot where you are going to be able to find supplies for every craft out there.  BUT it's going to take us a couple of months to fill it up. If the weather is rotten where you are and you've nothing else to do, you can come watch as things appear in the shop :+)

Be sure to check out our newest slide show over on the right side of the page.  Things change constantly ... and this time, both the program I use to do the slide shows AND google's blogger have made changes so it was a bit of an adventure.  To start it, click on the  third icon from the left to begin the slide show ... and have your speaker on!  Enjoy!  Ann

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