Sunday, April 23, 2017


Did you  know there was a "World Password Day"?   Well neither did I  ...  but a lot of these Days of the Year really do make one stop and think.  SO the point of World Passwords Day is as follows (copied from the message to met)

World Password Day will soon be upon us! Join the thousands of people and hundreds of global organizations on May 4th to take a social media pledge to improve your password habits.

With hacking scandals-a-plenty recently, you can ready yourself by having a think about all the different platforms you use and how many of them use the same password. Don't get caught out by a bad and insecure password!

I have a book in which I keep all of mt passwords --- my hubby and grown children do know where it is so should I become ill (or dead!!)  they can get into my accounts and close them.  This might be a good time to go in and change YOUR passwords too AND write them down.  And on the happy note of (or dead) as I said above, start getting them changed AND written down!!  


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