Thursday, June 8, 2017


OK I am sitting here laughing and rolling my eyes (yup I can do two things at the same time :+)  I ordered something on another "E" on line sales sight -- no not Etsy. I just got the package.  Ready ... the item was in a Planter's Peanuts can --- with the peanut label still on it --- OMG.  Yes,  I keep a supply of NEW boxes on hand AND as I've said before (a few years ago in here) there is ONE kind of box I will re-use and those are the ones from Amazon.  They are sturdy, the previous label can be taken off without doing damage to the box, and it looks professional.  BUT A PEANUTS CAN???   Truly, appearance counts!  :+)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Life's Changes

I've never been one to easily accept changes.  I'm sure this goes back to the first horrendous change in my life, the death of my Dad when I was 11 years old (and he was 33 years old).  My life and my brother's life were shattered and it seemed after that, our lives were nothing but change.  Our mother remarried, to a man with five children so instead of "we are two", he and I were told to adjust to being "we are seven".  We were told to call another person Dad ... it was, to say , traumatic. AND I think that is the reason I don't accept change  easily and never have.  If I decide to make a change that's fine (after careful thought) but  I don't like changes done without my input.

SOOO I think that's why the constant changes in the place where many of us sell just drive me NUTS :+)  I am aware that  due simply to technology, changes DO have to be made, but when a group of so called "management" people just take it upon themselves to change the appearance and the management tools for the shop I've poured thousands of hours into , I am more than a little disturbed. And since this has happened many times over the years I've been selling with them, I've developed a strong distrust.

SOOO I just want you to know that if the new changes have you banging your head against the nearest wall, you aren't alone.  I don't like being forced to accept change while at the same time most of our suggestions are ignored  ... AND I am very concerned about the impact it has on our shoppers. Good old Wal-Mart is the best B&M shop to use as an example ... every other year they do a "reset" of their stores.  AND every  time they do this, I visit their store less and less.  It was fine to begin with, everyone who shopped there knew where everything was UNTIL their biannual change.  Our venue for selling seems (at least in my mind) to do it more often!   SO just know, if you are frustrated, you aren't alone!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Sandy and I would like to wish all of you who are moms and grandmothers a very Happy Mother's Day. Our's will be very quiet I believe.  Sandy's daughter lives half way across the country from her ... and in our family our youngest grandchild has her graduation party on Saturday.  I think we'll spend Mother's Day resting!

For those of you who are not yet grandmothers, I have to tell you that your children are going to get just a teeny tiny (VERY teeny tiny) nudge to the back of the line once they give you grandchildren :+)  We have two who live in the same city we do, and one who lives not far away.  The not far away one graduated from college two weeks ago!  How proud we are of her.  The two who live here in the city .... the oldest graduated last year, and has finished his first year of college. Now little sister is  graduating this year.  She decided when she went into 9th grade that she WOULD graduate in three years.  She has always been stubborn and when she says she will do something, she DOES it.  She was a three year cheerleader, played volleyball for two years, and still managed to graduate in three years.  Her party is Saturday and then graduation is a week from Saturday.  (I don't question why they do it backwards ... I just go :+) SO this year I gladly don't mind graduation shadowing Mother's Day! And hubby is making 25 pounds of potato salad for the party, as he did last year, and he very sternly told our daughter "this is the LAST time .. if you have parties for college graduation YOU make the potato salad or you don't have any".

SOOO this is a very happy week for us.  Sandy knows she'll be getting a phone call and long talk with her daughter (and no doubt gifts) ... and we'll be surrounded by family.  Who says Christmas is "the most beautiful time of the year"??? :+)

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Did you  know there was a "World Password Day"?   Well neither did I  ...  but a lot of these Days of the Year really do make one stop and think.  SO the point of World Passwords Day is as follows (copied from the message to met)

World Password Day will soon be upon us! Join the thousands of people and hundreds of global organizations on May 4th to take a social media pledge to improve your password habits.

With hacking scandals-a-plenty recently, you can ready yourself by having a think about all the different platforms you use and how many of them use the same password. Don't get caught out by a bad and insecure password!

I have a book in which I keep all of mt passwords --- my hubby and grown children do know where it is so should I become ill (or dead!!)  they can get into my accounts and close them.  This might be a good time to go in and change YOUR passwords too AND write them down.  And on the happy note of (or dead) as I said above, start getting them changed AND written down!!  


Thursday, April 20, 2017

TWO BROADS AND A SHOP is having a SURPRISE GIVE AWAY!!!                            
How well do you know Ann and Sandy?
For years you have seen us together on this Blog and in our individual shops ( and as well as in our partner shop (, but just how well do you know us.
Please don’t say we are just one big sweet of Georgia Chocolate and Nebraska Vanilla, although that does sound pretty tasty!
Anyhoo, we have a little game called “Name That Broad”.  Get all the answers correct and you will be entered into a drawing for a free gift ☺
  1. I get up before the chickens /_____
  2. Don’t bother me before ten /_____
  3. I hate seafood /____
  4. I hate steak / ____
  5. Most of my shoes are slip-ons /_____
  6. I prefer lace-ups /_____
  7. I sell antiques but I don’t have any in my house / _____
  8. Antiques have to tell me they are antiques /_____
  9. I love, love, love fabric / _____
  10. Fabric drives me crazy /______
  11. My workshop is downstairs / _____
  12. My workshop is upstairs / ______
  13. I like being out and about / _____
  14. Being in the shadows is just fine for me /_____
  15. I can do something I enjoy for hours / ______
  16. I have no patience / _____
  17. Everything must have a place and be in its place / _____
  18. I just throw it down and it lands where it lands / ______
  19. I have a schedule for all of my activities / _____
  20. My activities are lucky if I remember them /_____
Follow our blog and our partner shop.  Then email your answers to Just write the Number and the Name for the corresponding questions.  Then send the answers as an attachment to

  1. I live in Nebraska / _____  (Just write 1 Ann)
  2. I live in Georgia / _______ (Just write 2 Sandy)

Monday, March 13, 2017

“By A Fur Ball Mom for Fur Ball Loving Followers”

As soon as I decided to gather all those plastic bags out of the floor and throw them away, I figured the easiest way to make a pile without bending down (because I’m old) was to kick them to the side.  Then the phone got my attention and while talking, that pile of bags began to move.  Wouldn’t you know it . . . a little black kitty came out.  Then the fat one came out too.

I’ve been told that it is healthy to live in a clean environment, so I try to do my part especially with having clean bed linen.  This time I wanted to change everything, the mattress cover, sheets, blanket, quilt, and coverlet.  Wouldn’t you know it . . . the kitties (actually old cats) decided to have a contest in my bed to see who could throw up the juiciest, biggest, hairballs in the world.

The supermarket was having a great sale.  They even had this expensive gourmet cat food marked down for the very first time.  Of course I was excited to buy twice as much for almost half the price.  I felt like super mom to have grabbed such a treat for my kitties.  Finally I could make them feel as rich as all the other cats that dined on gourmet.  Just in case it would take forever to go on sale a second time, I stocked up.  Wouldn’t you know it . . . they refused to take a bite of it, not a bite.
I was so proud of my new living room furniture.  I got a great deal and the sofa and chairs came with a pet damage replacement guarantee for a few dollars more.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  I told the salesman that I had two cats with full claws, but I had never really had a problem over the years, with them scratching on anything other than their scratching posts.  Anyway, I bought the two year insurance.   Wouldn’t you know it . . . I am sure my kitties read the letter informing me that my furniture insurance had expired.  They had a scratch Party like it was “1999” (song by Prince).

Now I am holding my breath that the kitties won’t find out that Ann and I have a Blog.  They would not like what I’ve shared about them.   Wouldn’t you know it . . . Ann has that cute little dog with the great big mouth, and I think they all know each other. . .
~Sandy ☺

Friday, March 10, 2017

Full And Part Time Sellers, How Is It Going?

Instead of talking about light things, or "nothing" things, just pouring out idle chit chat, we've decided to change our blog a bit.  And we would like you to get involved.  If we say something that leaves a question in your mind, leave a feedback question and we'll be happy to answer it.  If it's about your on-line business we will try to answer it, but if we can't,  we can write an article about THAT and see if someone else has an answer.

When I started annswhimsey, it was with the goal of quitting my day job.  That was five years ago.  I feel like my goal is just a few millimeters from my fingertips but I still need to have enough nerve to really DO it.  Any of you in that situation?  I remember reading Etsy's "quit your day job" quote over and over and in retrospect, I'm still glad I have not yet said goodbye to also doing the medical dictation I do from my home ... which can eat up two to three hours, three to four days a week.

I think most of us grew up and started working with the idea of  "a job is security" (which, let's face it, it is, but today not as secure as it used to be).  I worked IN medical offices for 10 years, and then quit and started two home based businesses.  Financially that was a good decision. Then our culture changed.  I am a nationally published writer, so my main home business was writing resumes for clients. I was extremely busy. BUT when the world started changing, and when our first grandchild came into the world (with Grandma babysitting him every day), I felt less and less safe having strangers coming into our house.  My husband became more concerned too, although there was only one occasion that unsettled me ... and I'd literally met with thousands of clients during those years.

Since everyone was headed for the internet I started considering it. I'd sold on Ebay, starting there within the first three days of them being "up".  Ebay was an entirely different world back then.  I could go through EVERY item listed on Ebay in about 20 minutes, and then start over again to see if anything had been listed in that time!  It's growth has been amazing, but probably 15 years ago or so, it had grown too big.  One day they doubled the prices for shops and that was when I quit and went back to the medical field.

I'd heard about Etsy and started watching it, and decided to jump in.  I've done okay --- on a scale of 1-10 I'd say I feel financially at a 7 ... and probably if I were to quit my other job and be able to devote all of my time to my shop, I'd reach that 10 ... but again, I don't know if I can live with 3 points of insecurity.

SOOO do any of you feel the same as I do?  Did any of you take the big jump and "quit your day job", and if so, has it worked?  And how about those of you who did take the jump and it hasn't worked?  We'd love to hear from you and share YOUR story ONLY IF you say it's okay.  If it's okay to share  your story but not your name, we will do that.  AND if it's NOT okay period .. that's fine ... then you are just writing to Ann and Sandy to help  me out in making my decision!

You can reach me at my gmai -- or leave a comment and how I can contact you on here.  My gmail is: