Friday, September 26, 2014

Peaches and Corn Have an IDEA --- OH NO!!!

Sandy and I were talking earlier today about how much we love being featured in treasuries --- and how much everyone enjoys contests. SOOO we've decided to do the following:
1. Each time we are in a treasury we already feature it on our blog and will continue to do so but the twist is ...

2.  At the end of the month we will go into Etsy's treasuries and see WHICH of the ones we've been in has gotten the highest numbers (based on views and favorites etc).  THAT treasury will remain on our blog and the others will be archived.

3. At the end of December we will then go back to the numbers in Etsy and see which of the monthly "winners" has the most numbers at THAT time ---

4.  Each monthly winner will receive a gift certificate to be used in any of our three shops:
annswhimsey,  craftstuffdepot,  and hugsandholidays

5.  The winner for the year will receive a large gift certificate that can be used in any of our three shops.

Our way of being able to say a small thank you to those who like our items :+)

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Hi Everybody,

There really is a “Peaches” and a “Corn”…. two shopkeepers, a partner shop.  I bet you thought Ann had divided herself.  Nope, I really am a living breathing person. Surprise!!!  I am the quiet one.  (Ann's note -- ha ha ha)
Ann and I were separated at birth about four years apart and found each other on Etsy about three years ago.  She ended up in Nebraska and I made Georgia my home.  Don’t tell me opposites don’t attract.   She speaks Nebraskeeee and I speak Southern, but somehow we understood each other enough to find that kindred spirit.  A match made in Heaven.

I tend to work in the back room of the shop and she works the front greeting all of the customers.  From time to time I’ll come out and give her a break, but if she forgets to ask for one, I’m usually too busy to volunteer.
Although we sound like opposites, we really are quite alike in many ways.  Family is important to us and our friends and pets feel like family.  We have both created and owned successful businesses before Etsy and we are both writers.  We are very passionate about our crafting and collecting and find it sinful to pass up a good buy.  We enjoy giving a twist or a turn to our finds and then pass the savings along to you.  We believe in right and wrong, in fairness and honesty, and that you lose nothing when you extend a helping hand.

Ann has found her niche in collecting vintage and antiques, and restoring vintage art prints.  I have been in love with sewing since I was eight, and my passion for paper began even earlier with those old fashion paper dolls.  I just like to play…..I never grew up and it’s too late to change now.  So stop by any time and have some Georgia Peaches and some Nebraska Corn.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Don't Miss The Slideshow -- Yup It's Free

Until they put an academy award category for "best slideshow" I can't be a contender :+)  BUT I hope you like our newest one, over in the right hand column near the top. Hover over the lower left hand corner and click on the icon that has a red // over it so you can have the music playing too :+) We hope you'll follow our blog!! Ann and Sandy

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BUSINESS Relations

About a year ago us "broads from Etsy" shut down a website we'd begun to promote Etsy merchants -- and NOT ourselves. Every two weeks the three of us would each pick a favorite item. We put them on our website and then promoted like crazy, getting people from all over to come vote on their favorite of the three.  The winner's item got to remain on display on our website until we had 12 items (24 weeks) voted on.  We then had a huge promotion for "item of the first six months".

The first thing we would do would be to contact the shop owners whose items we'd selected and let them know, telling them to get their friends and their shoppers in to vote for them.  YOU WOULD BE AMAZED AT HOW FEW OF THOSE SELECTED THANKED US. It was actually quite hard work and we took time away from our shops to do this, trying to promote Etsy in general and those shoppers specifically. Of the first 12, we received a thank you from possibly seven, and few even told anyone about this site. Few got anyone in to vote for them. Most votes came from our promotions.  After a year of this we gave up. No one really seemed to realize just how much we were giving, they were receiving, and only a little over 50% had the "upbringing", as my grandmother would say, to say thank you. 

I make many treasuries and so does Sandy. Again, we are amazed at how few of the 16 chosen to be in the treasury bother to write and say "thank you for including me".  They MIGHT put it in the comment box --- but I believe a one on one thank you is in order when someone picks your item to be on display. 

Yes, I'm lecturing -- lecturing anyone who owns an on line shop. You cannot be a stand alone, me for me and all for me type of owner and expect to succeed. If just plain politeness does not spur you into sending thank yous for recognition from your peers, you are destined to eventually fail. Think of where you have your shop as a town or city. I had a resume' service in our city for almost 20 years. I belonged to the Merchants' Association, the Updowntowners, the Chamber of Commerce and a couple of other professional groups. I wrote a monthly column for our city's business magazine. Yes, yes that's called networking. BUT networking cannot begin unless you have enough pride in yourself and your product to be civil, to take the time to say "thanks" to another professional who helps get you recognized.  The last time Sandy did a treasury she received TWO thanks yous -- one was from me.  My latest has brought NO thanks yous from 16 people and only one person has gone into the treasury and posted a comment.  

This is a sad commentary on a huge group of people who consider themselves "professional" without even the slightest grasp of business relations. AND if you don't have that, then I shudder to think of what you probably consider "outstanding" customer relations because you put a thank you in the box with your product.  There's much more to customer relations too, but if you're one of these who doesn't thank a peer, I'm sure you're not doing all you can to become a friend of your shoppers. 

OK lecture over. BUT I hope I've made at least one person stop and think -- and change if necessary. You will be the one who succeeds!  

My Favorite People in the World

So many wonderful people have included me and Sandy in their treasuries --- this is a wonderful treasury, extra special because dogs ARE my favorite people in the world.  Big thanks to Valerie at Poof Promo for including me. (Click on the name of her shop to go see her items!)

Bad to The Bone

Nothing but pups :) Enjoy!
Custom Pet Portrait - Personalized Dog Portrait Painting on Canvas Ultimate Gift Idea
Dog Name Wall Decal Personalized Custom Home Decor Wall Art Dish Bones Paw Print Doggy Sticker Brown Black Beige etc.
Pillow cover, Pug pillow case, cushion cover, Pug pillow cover, pet pillow case, dog pillow case, animal collective, Pug, gift, CU-110
English Springer Spaniel Dog Art Print of Original Watercolor Painting - 11x14
Pug on Paws Dog Art Sweatshirt Ultra Cotton Small - 2XL
Dog and Little Girl Print - "Brush Your Teeth" - 1920s  Restored Antique Print - GREAT Dentist Gift - GREAT Bath Print
Art print, animal art, dog poster, dachshund, nursery wall decoration // Sausage dogs
3 Hook Bone Shaped Leash And Collar Holder - Dog Leash Holder - Wooden Leash Holder - Dog Leash Hook - Dog Leash Hanger - Leash Holder
Love My Dog Biscuits-FREE SHIPPING-Pure n Healthy Dog Treats-Low Allergy
Dog Pawprint Ring-Paw Print Ring-Pawprint Band-Dog Jewelry-Animal Jewelry-Canine Ring-Dog Lovers Jewelry-Dog and Bone Ring-Sterling Silver
Top first layer of yellow leather pet collars, small dog collar, Teddy collar---XS/S/M
Sitting German Shepherd Dog Cookie Cutter - 3" metal cutter made in USA - for cookies, dog biscuits, fudge, playdough, crafts
Boston Terrier Dog Resin Earrings
Wood Bow Dog Feeder Pet Feeding Bowl Holder Elevated Dog Bowl Feeder Raised Pet Feeder Cat Bowl Custom Antique White Cottage Beach
Schnoodle Dog Birthday Card.
Wedding dog collar-Tuexdo Dog Collars with bow tie set  (Mini,X-Small,Small,Medium ,Large or X-Large Size)- Adjustable

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I had a bright idea (Sandy would say "yeah sure you did") :+) BUT it didn't work and Sandy would say (REALLLLYYYY?). I was going to start a page two for the blogs Sandy and I are featured in ... and blogger says it's easy to do --- right and sure. SOOO here's a great one I was featured in today ---

Black History, Good and Bad

Antique Segregation Black History Cast Iron Black Cigar Smoking Man Figurine
Living Texas Blues - 1985 - Paperback - Alan Govenar - Black blues history
Black History Art Doll Miniature Madam C.J. Walker Sarah Breedlove Art Character
Black History Stick Puppet Kit
Nelson Mandela (CUSTOM Acrylic Painting) South Africa, Pop Art, Black History, President
Famous Back People In American History  36 card biographies by edu-cards
1940s Black Americana Vintage KITCHEN TOWEL - Kitchen Linen - Kitchen Tea Towel - Collectible Towel - "Room Service" - Lot G
Black History Ephemera Rag time Music Rag Baby Sheet Music Cover 1909
Vintage Original Aunty Brand Florida Citrus Crate Label. Dates to 1940. Great Item to Frame. Nice Craft Item. Scrapbooking, Black History
Black Thoughts Lillie Mae Carter African American Civil Rights Poems
Vintage late-1940s-50s TALL Uncle Moses & Aunt Jemima Salt and Pepper Shakers, Wonderful African-American, Black Americana
Recycled Picture Frame Childerns Book Cover Tray - Die Kleinen Negerlein - Art
Black History
Civil War necklace, African American, Union Soldier, mixed media jewelry
Harriet Tubman Doll - LIMITED EDITION
March for Selma

Powered By Toastie Studio - Etsy Tools This was created by the owner of Puppyluck. PLEASE visit her shop. She has lots of neat neat items!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Late At Night - Or Early Morning

I am a night owl --- and always have been.  My parents used to tell horror stories of how I would not sleep.  I love the quiet hours of late night when I can do all sorts of things -- like count down the days until Christmas and realize NO WAY am I going to get everything made for the family I'd planned to make :+)  AND then I look at the calendar and I, who love to have everything wrapped before Thanksgiving, am really running out of time! Etsy and Zibbet will be getting purchases from me this year :+)

Sandy and I now have FOUR shops --- so if you get into the panic mode, come visit us (we get more things done for our shops than for our own Christmas!)

We have two shops named Hugs and Holidays, one on Etsy and one on Zibbet. Then we have Craft Stuff Depot and annswhimsey on Etsy.

If you are a crafter and in need of supplies, we are filling Craft Stuff Depot with every kind of supply imaginable --- and as fast as we can :+).  The same is true with Hugs and Holidays at Zibbet. If you want gifts, annswhimsey at Etsy you can find something for anyone -- for those who love antiques and vintage items, for collectors of many things, for scrapbookers and stampers you'll find sets of stamps and other scrapbooking items, books for collectors, magazines for collectors, and I'm adding ties from Rush Limbaugh's line, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Huesen and more, so there's a thought if you have a guy who has to wear a suit and tie. Then Sandys Hugs and Holidays on Etsy has the most wonderful totes to give as gifts, and she's making lunch mats for kids -- PLUS you can buy your wrapping materials -- gorgeous little use over again gift bags, you just slip the gift into and tie it with the ribbon provided. No more cutting paper and wrestling with tape and ribbons. And you can find gift tags in Craft Stuff Depot. AND from the comfort of your home. Also, 10% of everything I sell goes to Hearts United for Animals -- so if you are an animal lover, you'll be giving a double gift -- the one you purchase and what I then send to Hearts United.

So I will be making scrapbooks for my grandkids with one hand and taking pictures and writing descriptions for the shops with my other from now until the week before Christmas -- but I love the hustle and bustle.

It's starting to feel like fall here in Nebraska -- our low temperature tomorrow night is supposed to be in the 40s. I love this time of the year --- soon the leaves will be turning, and I'll be opening our bedroom window at night and cuddling down under the electric blanket - I know that's twisted but it's so COZY!!  :+)

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned. Our grandson has a football game tomorrow night, and on Saturday his sister has a volleyball game --- hmmm --- wonder how many new items I can get into the shops between running to ballgames!!!