Sunday, November 30, 2014

Treasury Time Again - THANK YOU PEGGY!!!

My vintage medical books were included in this fantastic treasury curated by Peggy from Sweet Tea Treasures (click on the name of her shop to go see it!)  Since I work in the medical community, I really, really, REALLY love this glimpse of how things used to be -- and am sure glad they still aren't that way :+)  Also, click on the title of this to see it up close and personal! Thanks so much, Peggy!

Vintage Medical Equipment A look at How Far We Have Come

Thank goodness for some of the medical changes!!! I just found these to all be really interesting, almost museum like.. hope you enjoy :)
Antique Vintage Electreat Medical Shock Therapy Quack Oddities
Vintage Soviet Medical Glass and Brass Syringe 20 ml in box 2 needles USSR 1990
Vintage Medical Supply Company First Aid Kit
Vintage Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Medical Plasters Cabinet Remedies Storage
Amazing Medical Rolling Cart / Up Cycle Bar Cart
Vintage Surgical Chest & Table
ON SALE Antique Medical Hospital/Laboratory Kidney Shaped Stainless Steel Bowl
Doctor's Medical Exam Eye Glasses - Magnifier - 1920's
Antique Brass Apothecary Scale Medical Scale West Germany
Antique Medical Books Two Editions "Year Book of General Medicine" 1945, 1946
Rusty Antique Caduceus Symbol Medical Sign
Vintage Adams Hemometer and Hemacytometer Doctor's Kit in Original Case (c.1946) - First Aid Collectible, Medical Oddity, Medical Instrument
Vintage Tycos Blood Pressure Cuff and Guage Sphygmomanometer Great Doctor Medical Oddity
1940s Medical Oddity Pollen Nasal Filter Adjustable Rowe Laboratories Box Filters
Craniometer Real Genuine Human Skull Display Medical Oddity Dentistry Medieval Weird Creepy
Antique Bloodletting Medical Oddities Quack Medical Device

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Christmas Tree is Up - Come See :+)

Now every major city in the U.S. has their Christmas tree -- so it seems only right that thosebroadsfrometsy should ALSO have a tree :+)  Everyone enjoy the holiday season. We hope you enjoy our blog enough that it and the promotions we do are our gift to you!  And your gift to us can be following our blog!  Ann and Sandy

Friday, November 28, 2014


Cindy and Muriel, owners of The Secret Garden Etsy, included one of my hankies in a treasury yesterday.  Thanks so much for the feature!!! AND you can see their items by clicking on the name of their shop, in the first line, and easy peasy -- you are there.  Hankies are great for crafting, sewing, and collecting so take a look at the actual treasury too, by clicking on the name. Again, thanks Cindy!! (PS -- Mines the vintage Girl Scout hankie!! AND it's on sale for Black Friday :+)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Hanky New Year - Handkerchiefs Galore

There are so many creative ideas expressed through hankies and pocket squares! This treasury presents a small sample, but there are so many other beautiful ones to choose from on Etsy1
5 Vintage Handkerchiefs, Set of 5 Vintage 1950s Hand Crocheted Handkerchiefs, Multiple Color Borders
Vintage Black Handkerchief with Embroidered Pink, Red & YellowFlowers
Four Embroidered Vintage Handkerchiefs
Vintage Handkerchief
Superb Vintage Handkerchief  Made in Switzerland by Lehner, Finest Cotton Floral Hand Embroidery  Rose
Bridal Handkerchief, Bride Hankerchief Wedding Hankies - Vintage Hankies
Monogrammed Handkerchief, Letter P, Embroidered Hankie, Handkerchiefs, Art Deco, White, P Monogram, Ladies Handkerchief, All Vintage Hankies
Embroidered Hankie, Vintage Hankie, Vintage Handkerchief, Hankie, Vintage Embroidered Hanky, Vintage Accessory, Ladies' Handkerchief
Fabulous Pink Lilac Bush Flower Embroidered Hanky Handkerchief - vintage hanky, retro hanky,embroidered hanky,pink embroidered floral hanky
Vtg blue bandana, Free US Shipping, farmer handkerchief, vtg dog bandana, one of many, head or neck scarf, Fast Color Cotton, vintage hankie
Vintage Rockabilly Handkerchief - Red and Black - Retro Hanky
VINTAGE LACE HANDKERCHIEFS - French Net Lace - Embroidered Net Lace. Wedding handkerchief.
BLACK FRIDAY SALE Very Collectible Vintage Hankie Handkerchief - A Brownie (the organization) Hankie!!  Z-1
Vintage Personalised Hand Embroidered Floral Handkerchief
Vintage 60's Handkerchief Yellow Blue Orange White Floral Design 14" x 13"
Vintage Black Lace Hankie Gold Bullion Embroidery  Mourning Handkerchief


Black Friday sales are going on at Ann's shop --- they will continue until midnight Sunday.
annswhimsey has over 400 items on sale! Take a look!  Just click on the shop names below.

annswhimsey   ***  Over 400 items on sale

Also for shop owners, we've been inviting you to become followers, and if your shop is on sale, it would have been included in this list.  I will be posting another list late tonight, so if you haven't yet followed, now's the time.  Since google followers is no longer working, the best way is to put your email address in the space at the top of the page and hit submit --- then I'll know right away and can come in and add to this list as I check in throughout the day.

Hope everyone is enjoying a long Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It's slideshow time again!  I've scoured Etsy looking for ideas for unique Christmas gifts and fun Christmas decorating!  Look to your right.  Hover over the bottom left corner. You'll see three icons. Click on the // that has red over it ... the music starts ... and so does the slideshow! You can jot down the names of the shops and do a search in Etsy for them. Hope you enjoy and share this with others!

Monday, November 24, 2014


THIS is a great way to start a new day and a new week.  I found one of my items in a treasury first thing this morning (the black and white terriers print :+)  A big thanks to the curator, Shelly Maples.  Shelly has an Etsy shop, TheWrensNestVintage, where you will find so many neat things, and great Christmas gifts!! Be sure to stop by her shop and take a look. (Click on the name of her shop and you'll be there!)
Also, by clicking on the name of the treasury, you can see it up close and personal :+) Thanks again Shelly!!!

Black and White Christmas

Black & White Christmas wreath with a Traditional Look
Christmas Print - Christmas Art - Personally Designed Art - Dogs At Christmas - Scottish Terriers -- May All Your Christmases Be .....
20 Lighting White-Red-Black Cotton Ball String Lights Ideal for Christmas Lights, Party Lighting, Bedroom Decor
Ruby Red Glassware, Christmas Glasses, Cristal D'Arques Durand Glassware Antique Tumblers, Set of 4, Pressed Glass French Coolers
Cardinal Red Bird Handmade Felt Pin Brooch Woodland Bird Felt Pin Red & Black Orange Christmas Holiday Fashion Accessory Unique Jewelry MiKa
Noel Card - Christmas Chalkboard Art - Pine Cone Illustration - Christmas Card - Black and White Christmas
whimsical snowman,  cool snowman, black and white christmas, christmas painting, snowman painting, snow painting, sharilink, snowman at dark
Black and White Christmas Photography - holiday decor lights bokeh sparkle photography black tree dark wall art prints - 8x10 Photograph
Plaid Christmas Stocking, Plaid Stocking, Plaid Christmas, Black and Red Christmas Stocking, Black Stocking, Stocking For Man, Man Stocking,
Red Silver Black Pearl Cluster Bracelet, Jewelry For Bridesmaids, Wedding Bracelet, Red Bracelet, Chunky Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Christmas
Christmas tags Christmas tree tags Holiday tags  set of 3 black and red christmas gift tags
Vintage Tacky Christmas Sweater 1980s 80s Xmas Jumper Hearts Bows Holiday Pullover Ugly Sweater Party Red White Black Knit M Medium L Large
Let Every Heart ink painting
Christmas Bunting - 12 flag Fabric Garland Banner, Black, red and white bunting
Red and Black Chevron Collar Flower for Girl Dog
BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Ruby ring,Rectangular ring,large ring,statement ring,silver ring,rectangle ring,wow ring,July birthstone

Saturday, November 22, 2014


We need two "helps" from you ... one is easy.

#1 --- IF YOU WERE one of our 500 google+ followers PLEASE re-follow us. Google had some kind of a breakdown this weekend that wiped you all out (sorry if it was painful!).  So far they've made no effort to fix it as far as I can tell from the complaints rolling in to them from blog owners. SO please come into our blog and click the g+ followers button again (THANK YOU!)  (The button says G+ annswhimsey)

#2 --- I want to do a short blog SOON (like today or tomorrow) showing REALLY different Christmas gifts. I don't want the beautiful scarves, hand made plush toys, gorgeous afghans, wonderful carvings (sorry Ales!!) --- and I don't want ugly either. Just something that is totally fun and yes makes you smile.  Here is the ONLY thing in my shop that will be included in the blog --- to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.  IF you find something like that on Etsy or have it in your etsy shop PLEASE email me the link. Send it to

EXAMPLE:  (AND thanks to everyone who submit -- and please do not be offended it your item isn't selected.  I can't make promises until I see the items!!! )