Friday, February 27, 2015


Hi Everyone,

I have missed you.  I thought that I could just come back from Daddy Mick's funeral, hug Annie, and just bury myself in work and everything would be back to normal.  I have never put upon myself such an inaccurate judgement.  I have spent the past three days in bed drowning in memories and appreciation of all the love I unexpectedly received.  I thank each of you for your condolences.  Your kindness has been overwhelming.

I must give Annie a special thanks for her love and devotion.  She has truly been my champion, my sister, my friend.  She never dropped the ball and kept our work together going all by herself.  We both have health issues and I felt terrible to have placed the responsibility of our shops and blog followers all on her.  She is a very hard working woman with a heart that is filled with an uncommon love, respect, care, and concern for others.  She always places someone or something first before taking a spot for herself.  She is an extraordinary woman and this world we live in as crafters, vendors, bloggers, mothers, and women in all walks of life, would be far less without her.

Thank you, Annie.  Thank you for allowing me to love you. ~Sandy :)


This month we have chosen a beautiful shop and a beautiful lady for our Shop of the Month.  "The Dog Lover", Lee Ann, is a talented artist and a wonderful person.  After you see some of her items below, please continue reading as I am including her entire "about me" as well.  I could not write it any better, and I want you to really meet this lady. (AND to see her entire store, click on the title of the pictures below and you'll be taken to her shop)

The Dog Lover

She doesn't just paint dogs, she brings them to life on canvas, their personalities, their souls ... how beautiful!
Siberian Husky dog art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 8x8
Bearded Collie art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 8x10 beardie dog portrait
French Bulldog frenchie dog art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 8x8
Black and Tan Coonhound art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x12 dog portrait
Yorkshire Terrier yorkie dog art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x16
Beagle dog art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x12
Japanese Akita art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x12 dog portrait
Golden Retriever art print CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x16
Dachshund art canvas print of dog painting by LA Shepard 11x14 dog portrait
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x16
Maltese dog art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x16 christmas
Irish Wolfhound art print CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x12 dog art
Golden Retriever art print CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 11x14
Pembroke Welsh Corgi art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x16 dog portrait
Coton de Tulear dog art CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 8x8 portrait
Poodle art portrait CANVAS print of LA Shepard painting 12x12

And now meet Lee Ann in her own words:

I have been a full time artist, specializing in animal portraiture, since my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2006. Since he could no longer work, we had to close our wholesale business. At 54 , I needed to find a way to support our family and take care of him 24/7. Luckily, I had my art ability to fall back on, and I have been painting diligently ever since. I feel blessed to have been able to work at home and look after my husband at the same time. I count my blessings daily, as I could not have gotten through this without the support of my family, friends and all the new friends I have made through selling my work. I have learned so much, but especially - not to waste a moment!

Gary Shepard, my incredible husband, passed away in the early morning hours on Sept 26,2010 surrounded by his family. His battle with brain cancer was a long one, yet it seemed far too short for those that loved him so dearly. We have a huge hole in our lives as he was a man who never stopped giving , even when he became so physically impaired that he could barely move.

Throughout his illness he had an idea to start a movement of giving. He wanted people to celebrate their birthday by giving a gift to someone in need. He felt that if each of us could be charitable each year on the day that they were born, then the world would be a kinder place. As a family that suffered through a devastating illness, we were always so moved when an act of kindness was done for us as our world fell apart. So, we ask of you, to take a moment, as you celebrate your date of birth, to share an act of kindness. Whether it be a gift of money to a family in need, or shovelling the driveway of an elderly neighbour, or buying a mosquito net for a child in a land far way- no matter what the gift- we ask that it become a yearly habit. And then share the idea with those that you know. Then perhaps the movement will bloom and the world will become a kinder, gentler place. This was Gary’s dream for our future, and I promised him that we would do our best to spread the word to fulfill his dream.

If you would like to share what you plan to give on your birthday, or just read about the movement- please join our face book group “Giving for Gary”
started by his children in memory of their Dad. And remember, no gift is ever too small, especially if you are blessed to celebrate yet another year of life.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Are these beautiful or what???
Tommye of TJBDesigns makes these fobs for tiny scissors. AND
her scissor fobs were taken note of by Cross-Stitch and Needlework, a national publication, in their Spring issue, just now on the stands! (see article and read more below)

A big congratulations to Tommye. She told me these were the first item in her shop, TJB Designs when she opened CLEAR back in 2009!  Sandy and I are so thrilled for you, Tommye --- you got to realize a dream we all share! AND congrats on having your shop open for this long! WONDERFUL! (I hope their subscription list is one million readers!!!) 

AND everyone reading this -- do you know someone who does needlework, cross stitch, embroidery -- anything using these little scissors? Just think how neat one of these fobs would be for Mother's Day or (if you're like me and shop all year long) for Christmas!!!  (And of course, you can click on the name of her shop anywhere in this article, and it takes you directly to TJB Designs. She has SO many wonderful designs and colors! A "you gotta see"!!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A NEW TREASURY -- THANK YOU SANDY -- We're Glad You are Back!!!

Yes, Sandy is home thank goodness. Life is now returning to normal -- I felt like I'd had an arm chopped off while she was gone :+)  AND she made a treasury ---  and I just love it -- Happy St. Pat's -- I think it's just two weeks away!  Please share this, and go see Sandy's shops:  Hugs and Holidays and Craft Stuff Depot (time to start working on Christmas items!!)

More Than Just The Green

NOT your Typical Green Icons of St. Patrick's Day, but just as Special :) Please share a Little Different Blarney with Everyone. ~Sandy :)
Irish Setters Dog Print Antique Restored  Art 1930s Print
Great Dog Of Ireland (Irish Wolfhound) Original Oil Painting
ANTIQUE 1907 IRISH Water SPANIEL signed dog print Chromolithograph P Mahler German artist Collectors item Christmas, Birthday gift Authentic
Irish Terrier Art Original Acrylic Painting, 8x10, Irish Terrier looking off on Teal Background
Irish Blessing Wall Art
Our Best 200 Plus Holiday Quickies By Leisure Arts Hard Cover Cross Stitch Pattern Book 1997
Irish Sign- Plaque- An Irish Blessing, May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, ST Patrick's Day Gift, Wedding ,Made In Ireland
Irish Blessing  with ancient Celtic hand lettering and design,matted, by artist/calligrapher Jacqueline Shuler
Bells of Ireland, rare flower seeds
Irish Coin Bracelet 1971 Stylized Bird
Irish Wood Pipe, Collection Tobacco Pipe/pipes, Smoking Pipe. Handcrafted Irish Wooden Pipe & Pouch Gift, Designed for real Pipe Smokers.
Celtic Crosses with Irish Blessing Irish Catholic Ireland Clovers Allihies Beara Peninsula Collage Mulitple Pictures
Baileys Irish Cream Collectible Tin | Vintage 1992
Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland  Biography of the Great Iriish Saint by Hugh de Blacam Vintage Book from 1941 Issued by Bruce Publishing
Vintage Irish Rosary - Green Seed Beads - Possibly Dyed Horn or Czech Glass - 5 Decade - with Silver Crucifix - Very Old!
Ireland Photography - stone abbey ruins Tipperary green farmland monks building cattle sheep 8x12

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A NEW TREASURY With Many Thanks to Amalia from The Wish Forest!

A great way to start the day is to find one of your items in a treasury!  Many thanks to Amalia for including my little baby buggy in this wonderful display. Amalia is shop owner of The Wish Forest. I hope everyone will share the treasury and then click on the name of Amalia's shop in the line above, and go visit her store!  Thanks so much Amalia!

We Belong Together

Stamped Love and Pure Silver Antique Wax Seal Necklace on Oxidized Silver Chain ~Romance/Valentines Day
Black Lace Gothic Steampunk Bib Necklace, Vintage Inspired Venice Lace Neck Corset Collar, Vampire, Maleficent Costume
Rustic country photography Landscape photography Beige dry flowers brown Wall Decor Home decor Fine Art Photography Print
Vintage - Antique Miniature Baby Buggy - Circa 1960s - Decor for Little Girls' Room - Baby Shower Centerpiece -  Home Decorating - Not a Toy
valentines day gift for him - song lyrics art painting, gift for her, romantic art, love note, unique gift, minimalist art, i belong to you
Bridal hair clips, Cream Rose pins, Wedding flower pins, Cream rose bobby pins - set of five
Vintage White Handkerchief, Brides Hanky, Something Old, Wedding Handkerchief, White Crochet, Wedding Shower Gift, Wedding Keepsake
Vintage Lefton sugar bowl and creamer Gold Wheat pattern
Pearl Hair Pins - Ivory set of 12 Bridal bobby pins (Also in: Cream or Gold)  Wedding Hair Accessory
vintage lace trim . vintage eyelet trim . vintage sewing supplies . vintage scrap lace trim . set of 5 . sewing trim . cream and white trim
Tiny Black Scottish Terrier Figurine, Scottie Dog, Black Dog
Silver Leaf Pendant Necklace - Mixed Metal Jewelry
Personalized Letter Monogram,Custom Design Nursery and Baby Bedding Pillow Shabby chic,Nursery decor,Nursery room decor ,  baby boy and girl
Provencal wreath, hand-sewn heart, a delicate gray-pink wreath, home decoration, gift for wedding.
Set of 2 Black Faux Leather, Wood & Brass Storage Trunks
Old World Globe Map of North and South America Hand Cut Print on Decorated Ostrich Egg Faberge Style Decorated Ostrich Egg Art