Tuesday, March 31, 2015


 "Business Owners Having Fun, Working Together, Marketing our Shops"

I think all of you who've come to know us, know that we are ALWAYS searching for new marketing ideas --- they may not be NEW but they are things we've thought about and, discussed, and  decided "YES let's go for it!".

For those of you familiar with Pinterest, bear with me. For those of you who aren't, Pinterest and Google generate more traffic to selling sites than any other methods on the internet. If you haven't already joined Pinterest it's a must for successful selling. However let's take Pinterest to the 3rd (and 4th, 10th, 50th, 100th degrees :+)

Sandy and I have started a group board. We are inviting you to join us because Group Boards are phenomenal. Sandy and I haven't moved any mountains yet but we're doing "okay" with our following. When you join our group board and start pinning on our board you are automatically being followed by OUR followers (right now almost 2000).  As each person joins, their followers see everything ALL of us post on that board --- and soon we have 10,000 followers and then 20,000 --- because we ALL are members of the same board.

Those kinds of boards are scattered around pinterest. They are difficult to find and then when you find them, depending on who started them, it can be very hard to figure out how to join, and then to get accepted. With us, well we're easy LOL!!!  Our rules are:

1.  You must have an on-line shop.
2.  You must have a pinterest account (or we can't invite you)
3.  You must be a follower of  this blog.

Now I've put a new pinterest button at the top of the right hand column. Click on that and you're at "That Broad From Etsy".  Look down at the boards and the FIRST board is titled "Those Broads From Etsy". Follow that board.

Then email us at either annswhimsey@gmail.com or SandraMickle@gmail.com and tell us you want an invitation.

1. Include your pinterest name exactly as it shows on pinterest.
2. Watch your pinterest feed. You will see a notice that "Those Broads From Etsy" have invited you to pin on their board. (this may take up to 24 hours)
3. Click "accept invitation" and the next time you pin, that board will be in your selections list.
4. Please note, you can pin an item to more than one board, so pin to the board you normally would, then click to pin the item again and choose "Those Broads From Etsy" as the next board to pin on.

The rest of the rules --
1. You cannot pin nudity
2.  You cannot pin obscene items
3. You cannot pin anything that is in poor taste or negative
If you do, the items and you will be removed from the boards.

Numbers are the key to selling ... so let's get started!  Ann


Maggie has done it again -- here is another truly beautiful treasury!!! LOVE treasuries done with white!  AND thank you so much for including my wedding hankie in this, Maggie.  I  hope you'll all share this on all the social media you are with, and that you'll go see Maggie's store ... it's awesome. Click on the following to get there:  CatLady30

Angelic White

anything white
Textured Nickel Silver and Natural Moonstone Pendant on a Simple Rolo Chain
Vintage White Linen Handkerchief - Hankie - Bridal Hankie - Wedding Hankie - B1
Swans Salt & Pepper Shakers from the 1970s; Vintage Kitchen Collectible
Bohemian white lace skirt - boho style fashion mini  with high waist - wander adventure
SALE statement earrings // white/navy/gold lace earrings //nautical earrings // steering wheel anchor // gift for her
White Deer | White Tailed Deer | Elk | Albino | Nature Wildlife Photography | Animal Photo Wall Art | Home Decor | Print
Ceramic Christmas Ornament Peace Dove Design
Vintage 1930s Shoes  - White Leather Perforated Heels Size 5 - Skip Along
Vintage Seashell Horse Conch Shell Beach Seashell Vintage Natural Gulf of Mexico White Conch Seashell Texas Gulf Coast Souvenir
Men's white polo shirt.   Made in England. J501
1960s Off White Plaid Henley Shirt 60s Smocked Shirt Vintage Plaid Shirt Cuffed Plaid Shirt Preppy Plaid Shirt Pullover Plaid
White Car Photo, Lincoln Classic Car, Car Photography, Hot Rods, Automobiles, 8 x 8 Print, Fathers Day, Gift For him, Man Cave Art, Retro
White Daisies Ring and Earring Set, Daisy Ring, Daisy Earrings, White Daisy
Party Favor White Friendship Bracelet With Rainbow Glitter - Tripple Diamond Design
Vintage Stackable Casserole Dishes
The Romantic White Horse Womans T-Shirt Size M L XL 2XL Free Shipping

Friday, March 27, 2015


Hi Everyone, this is your Resident Hermit, Sandy :)  
I didn't come out of the backroom to say hello to the Ground Hog, but here I am to welcome Spring.  I want to do a  Special Treasury Blitz for you and I want you to help me with it.  

Etsy Treasuries have 16 windows (4 on each row).  I want to select 3 wonderful vendors to be in this treasury (and yes, Annie, you can be the 4th).  This treasury is going to be a little different and that is what makes it "Special".  

Each vendor will have the freedom of selecting 4 items from their shop to display on an entire row.  I will not make the item choices, just the 3 shop choices.  The treasury will be displayed on our blog in first place over the weekend before it moves down.  If you would like to participate in this Free Advertising Blitz, just email the URL of your shop to me via HugsandHolidays.etsy.com so I can select the 3 shops that will be in the treasury.

 You must agree to take advantage of this "Special" by saturating every social media you can think of.  Gather all of your friends, family, customers, and followers and tell them to click, click, click (and shop).  When the weekend is over (from Saturday 12:01 am - Sunday 12:59 pm) let me know the number of weekend views and favs that your shop received and the vendor with the most will receive a little gift for participating.  Just send your numbers to my Hugsandholidays.etsy.com mail box and we will announce the winner here in our blog.

A NEW TREASURY "It's Raining Cats and Cats" --- THANK YOU CATHY HAHN!!!!

And here is our newest treasury --- and I LOVE it ... anything having to do with animals gets my vote for sure!  Thank you, Cathy, for including my kitten book in this great display!  Please everyone, share it, and then go see Cathy's shop. She owns Cathys Craft World on Etsy --- yes I know, you know, but just in case you are visiting for the first time, click on the name of her shop in the line above and you'll be taken there!

It's Raining Cats And Cats

I'm an animal lover with a special admiration for the feline mind. Here's a collection of some of the best and coolest cat stuff ever.
Handmade ceramic pencil holder with cat , pencil container, ceramics and pottery/Pencil holder
Handmade, soft, padded, fleece cat mat (with an opening for cat nip) featuring pink, peach and blue cats on a gray background
MINIATURE Cat painting, Oil painting, miniature 4x4i,  kids room decor, desk decor, gift idea, mother's day,  Pet lovers, pet portrait, art,
Vintage Little Golden Book "The Shy Little Kitten" - 1946  - Classic Children's Tale - Children's Story Book
Vintage Fallini & Cohn Lois Long Siamese Cat Tea Towel, 1950s Vintage Cat Kitchen Towel
Cat pouch, cat purse, cat clutch, cat lover pouch, cat portrait pouch, cat makeup bag, PC-308
Cat Subway Word Art Spiral Notebook - Fits easily in almost any size purse or pocket - Cat Lover Gift
Cat Lady Gift, CATS are my BAG tote, Black, Silver Print : canvas tote bag, hand lettered, quirky shopper tote bag, typography, under 20
Yoga Is For Everyone - Yoga Shirt - Flowy tank - Yoga Top - Yoga Clothes - Cat Shirt - Yoga Cat Shirt - Yoga Cat - Yoga - Cat Tank
Cat Ring Blue Silver Grey Tabby Pet Cat Ring Jewellery
Black Cat Earrings with surgical steel posts
Siamese Cat Jewelry // Cat Necklace pendant // Ragdoll Siamese resin pendant // Ragdoll Sealpoint Cat jewelry // Cat lovers // SI5
Cat Toys - Felt Catnip Joints - Set Of 3
Cat Coffee Mug Hand Painted Glasswares Sunny Yellow Cup, Summer gift, custom cat mug
Mid-century modern cat furniture
Handmade Barbie clothes - Pink and black cat dress

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I BET Maggie thinks I never saw this or that I forgot it ---- trust me ... I never forget!  (Now Sandy is rolling on the floor laughing as she spends a lot of each day telling what I forgot the day before :+)

Anyway -- here's another of Maggie's fantastic treasuries --- perfect theme, perfect items, and perfect colors. Thanks SO much Maggie for including my "kitchen apples" in this with all these other beautiful items.  And everyone, please share Maggie's treasury for all who are included and visit her wonderful shop at CatLady30  (you know, you know, just click on the name of her shop!)

Apple Decor

Faux apple decor, apples, or apple wall art...
Small Faux Apples- Set of Ten
Apple Decor, Yellow Apple Print, Kitchen Art Print, Fine Art Print, Small Art Print, Palette Knife Art, Abstract Print, Original Art Print
Apples Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Set Antique Just Like Grandma's Large 1940s Spice and Sugar Storage/Servers
1 Dozen Artificial Fruit  Green Granny Smith Apples
Acrylic Apple Pie Container Plastic Gumball Charm 24mm 1 Piece, McDonald's Pie Charm, Plastic Charms, Acrylic Charms
Apples, Fine Art Photograph, Food Photography, Food Porn, Apple Photos, Kitchen Decor, Market Decor, Fresh Fruit Photos, Still Life Photos
Original Realistic Apple Painting Kitchen Art Home Decor Acrylic
SPRING SALE 5 Artificial Apples Craft Supply Fake Faux Apple Realistic Looking Fruit Decor Decoration Fall Autumn Decorating Red Yellow Oran
Apple Art Apple Painting Apple Print 11x14 From Original Watercolor. Red Apple Tree Art Apple Tree Painting Apple Orchard Art Fruit Art.
Candy apples photo. Candy apples fine art print. Red apples. Carnival print. Whimsical photo. Whimsical carnival print. 8x8. 10x10.
Apple Tree Photograph - Nature Art - Wall Decor - New York Orchard - Food (Fruit) Photograph
FREE SHIPPING - Fruit/Vintage Fruit/Fake Fruit/Plastic Fruit/Artificial Fruit
Golden Delicious Yellow Apple Soap
Faux apple topiary looks lovely in your barn viewing room, on the mantle or in the kitchen.
Apple Painting | Watercolor art | apple kitchen decor | PRINT
yellow apple pattern kitchen printable poster , 8"X10" instant download apple poster,yellow pear pattern on turquoise background, pear print


Oh WOW --- our resident hermit came out of her hermitage and made this fantastic treasury ---- THIS takes me back to my Grandma's!  Any of us sorta around 50 to 60 something will remember SO much of this from Grandma's AND Mom's houses!  AND you 30-somethings should definitely remember these things at YOUR grandma's!  Wonderful Sandy-kins!  I hope everyone will share this and that everyone will visit Sandy's shops --- Peaches and Corn, Hugs and Holidays, and Craft Stuff Depot. (Click on the names of the shops and Magic Ann whisks you away to her shop!)  And for you 30-somethings -- these are the things you'll hold dear in about 20 years, those "remember whens" so put your hearts around vintage things -- you'll be surprised at how many memories they do or will bring back! (anyway that's what I tell my children and they are beginning to believe me :+)

Everyday Vintage Family Life

These were used and enjoyed in everyday Family Life many years ago. Do you remember them? Go tell the whole world in social media that they are for sale on Etsy in some wonderful vintage shops. ~Sandy :)
Apples Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Set Antique Just Like Grandma's Large 1940s Spice and Sugar Storage/Servers
Vintage Coke Bottles, Coca-Cola Bottles, Full Bottles, Original Formula, Coke Carrier, Coca-Cola Classic, Coke Collectibles, Green Glass
Craft Supplies - 1950s Monopoly Game PARTS - Monopoly Money, Game Pieces, Center Board Cards, Property Cards, Hotels Motels
vintage 1960s Sylvania Portable Stero Tuner Turntable record player 16 33 45 78 vinyl w Speakers Craig 8 Track p/u Chicago IL IN OH Ky Tn
Aluminum Coffee Pots Set of 3 by Comet, Vintage Coffee Percolator, Aluminum Pots, Coffee Kettle Camping Gear,Camping Kettle Aluminum Kettle
1950's Old Maid Playing Card Game --- Vintage Childhood Nostalgia --- Nostalgic Toy --- Family Game Night --- Upcycle Recycle Americana
Vintage RCA Victor Television Selector Wood Cabinet Model U 70 Converter Retro
Hey Cookbook Collectors! Producer's Cookbook - 1940s or 1950s "Aunt Jenny's Favorite Recipes"
Vintage Redmon Plaid Picnic Basket
Set of Three Mid Century Glide-A-Matic TV Trays
Vintage Strawberry Shortcake "On The Go" Bicycle with Pedi Brake by Hedstrom USA
Vintage Spring Yellow & Ivory Wicker Wooden Clothes Hamper - Early Petite Burlington Basket Hawkeye Laundry Bin - Shabby Chic Storage Basket
TV Guide from June 28, 1969, with Cover Featuring "Julia" Stars Diahann Carroll and Marc Copage AND Story on Prince Charles' Investiture
Set of 2 Bama Jelly Glasses
vintage Aluminum Cake Plate with Cover
Mid Century Two Tone Green and White Shell Back  ROCKING Chair from the 1950s Completely Refurbished Ready to Go