Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A NEW HOME FOR US - From The Former "Those Broads From Etsy"

Morning everyone!  Today I'm updating my last post and explaining why our shops are disappearing at the top of the page :+)  We have purchased our own website and will be leaving Etsy hopefully by no later than the end of July.  I hope everyone will add this, our new blog, to their favorites and dismiss "Those Broads From Etsy" from the favorites.

I will say only briefly, we have first outgrown the need for Etsy thanks to our wonderful shoppers and the support of many friends from other shops (most of whom are also leaving).  As sellers know, things have not been good in Etsy for a long time, but it progressively has gotten worse. It started as a wonderful idea ... handmade items by artisans ... and expanded to include vintage items.  It was still a wonderful place to buy and sell.  Now the site is full of manufactured abroad products, and the search no longer works the way it did.  So many of my shoppers have written to tell me they can no longer even find annswhimsey or thosebroadsfrometsy when they come in.

SO Linda and I will be leaving (my shop only has a few items left in it) and we have become Two Broads and a Shop.  I will give you the "address" as soon as we open. Our new site is wonderful and right now we are just trying to decide on what options to use AND get our final merchandise moved.  POSSIBLY (depending upon our choices) you will be able to log in and pay using Amazon, purchase from our Twitter feed, or purchase our items on Pinterest as well as shopping right in our shop as you did when we were on Etsy. We also will have a new page on facebook (but we have decided NOT to sell from facebook which is another option).  With facebook, I feel that people come to facebook to relax, catch up with friends, possibly  play games .... it's a place to wind down and enjoy.  You MAY see our ads on facebook but not our shop.  However, we DO hope, when we have our shop page finished, you will all follow us there, and on twitter, and pinterest. (All of those will be added to our blog when we are ready to open the new shop).

Sandy will be staying with Etsy, at least for the time being. Don't forget .. her shops are Hugs and Holidays and Craft Stuff Depot.  THOSE you might want to bookmark in order to be able to still find her!! And yes that's me and my "furball" in the picture with Sandy ... which she will probably have to take down :+(

We will keep our blog going, and we hope you'll check back in with us.  Some of you might find it more interesting than just the treasuries we posted here.  I've been a nationally published writer for almost 50 years (giving my age away!!) so we'll touch on many topics -- but selling on line will definitely be one of them!!!  AND to our shoppers, you will be receiving an email when we open our new store.  If you sellers want to receive an email, just send us an email at: