Tuesday, January 24, 2017


One of the things I love most about selling from an on-line shop,  is meeting my shoppers.  Yes, some simply shop, but so many will ask a question or make a statement to me, and we end up visiting back and forth via the Etsy messenger.  This week I met Christine ... and in the midst of a very dreary January, she shared something with me that made my whole MONTH!

Christine purchased a set of nesting dolls from me and when I emailed her I told her I had collected those at one time too, but given them away to my brother --- which started a conversation.  She told me she'd been collecting for quite a while.  I asked her if she could send me a picture of her collection ... and WOW!  Thank YOU so much, Christine --- you truly did make my MONTH, both through our conversations and then with these wonderful pictures .... thank YOU so much!

Oh, I had told Christine her collection really made me wish I was still collecting. Today when her pictures came in I told my husband about it and his first words (Christine, can you guess?) were "NO, you are NOT going to start your collection again ... we are trying to make space in the house!"  :+ )

So now everyone --- ENJOY Christine's collection!!!!(And scroll down to see TWO pictures and yes these are from two different places in her room ... she has THAT many!)

MANY thanks to you, Christine!